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I let Jake pick out a tube o’ Pringles at the WalMarts the other night. Pringles are Jake’s crack. Thank goodness they at least come in low-fat and light versions now, why they’re practically health food!

As a bit of background, Jake finally realized a couple of weeks ago that he’s tall enough to reach the top lock on the pantry doors and life has been a living hell ever since. It was hard enough controlling his diet before, when he only had access to the food that we gave him. Now that he can mosey in there and help himself to anything, including the few snacky items kept on the very top shelf, the shelf that I can barely even reach, my days are filled with chasing him out of the kitchen and yelling at him to get out of there and taking away whatever he’s managed to grab while I was in the bathroom or laundry room for thirty seconds. Yeaaahhhh, today is the day that Joe will be making a trip to the Home de’Pot for some sort of handles that we can run a bicycle chain with a combination lock through, which is what we use on the refrigerator.

So a few minutes ago, I’m in the laundry room, elbows deep in wet clothes and I hear Jake foraging in the pantry. Apparently it’s time for second breakfast already! “Jake, get out of there!” I yell. But of course he doesn’t listen. Joe is still sleeping so he’s no help. By the time I can poke my head out, Jake has walked over to show me what he has, which he at least has the courtesy to do usually. He’s gotten himself a small bowl of Pringles.

I ask, “What do you have?”
He responds, “What do you think?”

I am speechless. Touche, son. Carry on.


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Son, you got a panty on your head.

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