Son, you got a panty on your head.

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“WTF? Are those fortune cookie hats?” Jake and I were getting out of the car at Ukrop’s this morning to pick up a couple of final ingredients for Jonathan’s birthday feast tonight when I noticed them. Tables set up on either side of the entrance, brightly-colored banners and balloons, several pre-teen girls with bizarre headgear, and a lone mother chaperoning. As I locked the car and prepared Jake to go into the store (which basically involves making sure his shorts aren’t twisted and his shirt is pulled down properly), I squinted and studied them more closely and realized they were lemon wedge-shaped hats. They were selling lemonade.

As we approached the traffic lane to cross to enter the store, Jake took my hand and pulled me to a stop while eyeballing the setup in front of the store. Jake knows this store intimately. He’s visited it at least once or twice a week all of his life. He’s usually pretty comfortable there, unless he’s having a tense day and the noise or crowd gets to him. He’s never seemed phased by other “vendors” set up in front of the store. Girl Scout cookies, KoC handing out poppies on Memorial day, other fundraising activities, whatever. But, as those of you familiar with autism know, just because it wasn’t a problem last time, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a big freaking problem this time. They do like to keep us guessing, don’t they? Those wacky tricksters!

So I was a bit surprised and a lot worried about his stopping. Was he upset by the unexpected change in the landscape of his familiar Ukrop’s? Was he going to refuse to go any further? Was he going to have a meltdown and throw himself to the ground, screaming, right there in the parking lot in front of the grocery store? Will I shatter my TV screen from the sheer force of screaming at it before the Sotomayor hearings are through? All very, very likely scenarios.

But nay-nay, not today! Instead, Jake leaned into me, smiled a shy little smile, pointed at the girls discretely (which is huh-yuge for Jake, who points *point* at you *point* with everything *point* he says *point*) and said, “Water.” Pretty damn close, kid! So, relieved that a meltdown wasn’t in my immediate future and pleased that Jake had figured out what the dealio was and wanted a piece of that (a sip of that?), I told him it wasn’t water, it was lemonade, and we would get some on our way out. Which we did. Well, mostly he did, with some prompting from me to hand over the dollar and remember to say “Thank you” at the end. And there was a sticker involved, bonus!! I love me some stickers.


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